Watersports in Malvan, Goa, Tarkarli

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Malvan is a tourist attraction that is famous for beach tourism. Lakhs of tourists visit this beach for thrilling beach activities. Youngsters are especially attracted to water sports. Malvan offers many activities like jet ski, banana boat, bump ride, kayak boating, in addition to scuba diving.

If you are going to visit Malvan, do not miss these thrilling and exciting activities. These memories in Malvan will be yours to cherish for a lifetime.

Which games are included in water sports activities?

There are a total of four games in water sports activities – Jet Ski, banana boat, bump ride, and speed boat.

Jet Ski

This is a popular tourist attraction game. A jet scooter is used that races on the surface of the water. The scooter slides at very high speeds on the water and cuts through the waves giving rise to water sprays that rise high up in the air. This is a thrilling and exciting experience. A trained jet ski rider controls the ski and one or two people can ride along with him. Since it takes a lot of training to learn to use the scooter, the tourists are not given the jet ski to handle as there are chances of an accident.

Banana Boat

This is an adventure game which is also an entertaining one. Young tourists are particularly fond of this one. In this game, the riders are seated on a banana-shaped boat that is filled with air. This banana boat is tied to a speed boat and is pulled into the water at high speeds. The banana boat is navigated through a designated area in the sea and it cuts the waves at high speeds. In the end, in shallow waters, the speed boat gives this banana boat a jerk and it is turned upside down – thus all the riders are thrown into the water. Since each member on the boat is given a safety jacket, there is no fear of drowning. It is not necessary to know how to swim to do this activity. If the tourists request, the boat is not jerked and turned upside down and is just navigated around in the water.

Kayak Boating

The boat used in this is made in a special shape and design. The boat requires the rider to sit by extending the legs in the front. The rider must balance himself/herself and propel the boat with the help of oars. Kayak boating is done in still waters only. Only the Devbaug creek is suitable for this activity. Malvan and Chivla beach do not have this sport.A safety jacket is given to the rider. At a time, one or two persons can do this activity and it can be done for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Bumper Ride

This is also called a Ringo ride. A round tube-like ring that is filled with air is tied to the speed boat and is navigated through a specific area while bumping on the waves. Doing this in a group can be a very entertaining and exciting experience. Sometimes, the bump on the waves is so hard that the riders can fall off the tube into the water. A safety jacket is mandatory as it ensures that the rider does not drown in case of falling off the tube.

Each ride done individually can be costly. A combination package can be taken which provides all these activities at a reasonable cost.


Before doing Parasailing do a light breakfast like Ghavan, Amboli, fried eggs, omlet, boiled eggs, sandwitch. Don't make heavy breakfast. Strictly follow the instruction given trainer.

What to carry with you?

  • Cap/Hat
  • Goggle
  • Sun screen lotion
  • Set of dry cloths to change

Watersports Package Price in Malvan

Watersports Price ₹ 500


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- 16 Feb 2019 -

Netra salvi.

"Water sports at Malvan beach is great fun. Worth every penny spent. Jet ski, banana boat, bumper ride and Pararasiling was amazing. Thanks to Morya water sports in Malvan. "

- 13 January 2018 -

Sai Lahane

"Best water sports activity in Malvan provided by Kiran. Who is an owner of Morya water sports, Tarkarli-Malvan. I 'll visit again with my family... "

- 31 May 2017 -

Mitra K.

" Thanks dear Kiran for your support. We enjoyed our holidays because of you only. Awesome experience from your team members. All the best.. Keep it up.."


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