Water Activities in Malvan

Scuba Diving in Malvan

Scuba diving is considered to be one of the most adventurous water sports in Malvan. Upon diving with us at Morya Underwater Sports, we would help you get closer to an unmatched experience of Scuba Diving in Malvan. We offer several scuba diving packages for travelers.

from ₹750 /personVediograpy Inclusive

Water sports in Malvan

Para sailing, speed boating, jet skiing, banana boating are just a few extremely popular watersports in Malvan. We are enriched and fortified with world class equipment while we offer surreal and extensive watersports in Malvan.

from ₹750 /person

Para sailing in Malvan

Experience the bird’s eye view of the hypnotizing surround, while you get to explore through and redefine adventure out on para sailing in Malvan. Soar over the waves and experience thrill by Surrendering yourself to the ultimate and amazing watersports in Malvan. S

from ₹750 /person

Dolphin ride in Malvan

Tourists from all over India visit Malvan to see this nature’s amazing creature jumping from the water. In order to see dolphins, you have to hire a boat with proper roofing and seating arrangement inside. We offer this service from Morya water sports.

from ₹300 /person

Snorkeling in Malvan

Snorkeling is basic underwater sport activity which can be done by 8 to 10 years old kids, old age people. Here you have to float on sea surface just by placing your body in side safety ring. A snorkeling guide pull the ring where you have to place head under water to experience natural beauty.

from ₹350 /person