Watersports in Malvan

Watersports in Malvan

Tsunami Island, spread over the banks of Devbag is indeed considered as the hub for the finest adventure watersports in Tarkarli. We are one of the most experienced operators offering some of the best and the diverse scuba and watersports.

 Tarkarli is a new hot-spot that is emerging and becoming a loved and most opted water sports destination in the state of Maharashtra. The magnetizing beaches, exotic islands, and the enchanting back waters are all super engulfing, inviting and completely remarkable to be explored through. There are several watersports in Tarkarli to be explored through for a mesmerizing experience. Tarkarli Scuba, snorkeling, dolphin watch sea rides, speed boating, jet skiing, banana boating are just a few extremely popular watersports in Tarkarli. We are enriched and fortified with world class equipment while we offer surreal and extensive Tarkarli Scuba, most modest Tarkarli Scuba diving rates and a variety of other watersports in Tarkarli.

Speed Boat

If speed rules your mind, then speeding on the waves of the serene sea water, would just leave you asking for more! This is surely the best and the finest adrenaline rush experience for all you speed fanatics out there. If the zipping sound and the gushing noise of the waves of the water excite and give you a kick, then you have come to the best place for it!
Driven on speed boats, laden with high speed engines of 100-135cc, speed boating is an ultimate watersports in Tarkarli to delight you, while your boat rides cuts through the wavy sea water and you get to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire coastline surrounding and enchanting you. Tarkarli Scuba is considered to be a popular speed boating destination in India, as the water is warm and suitable, whereas the water lovers get to escapade in its calmness and the hypnotic submerge.

Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride will give you exciting moments that can be experienced and enjoyed by the entire group you have. This is your chance to practice the ecstasy and the fun, while you scream your lungs out in this remarkable watersports in Tarkarli. Another fun filled and exhilarating watersports activity for all your excitement and water enthusiasts, come and experience it all by you.
Banana Boat ride is another highlight of the amazing and thrilling watersports in Tarkarli. There is a trained expert to guide you through each of your rides out here, so put on the life jackets, fill yourself with enthusiasm and take a dip in the enthralling and amusing adventure, right here at the Tarkarli Scuba services over here. The banana boat ride offers space for 4-6 people in a go, while the ride is full of fun, screams, laughter, excitement, adventure and memories. Enjoy your rides in motorized inflatable boats, whereas you haul at the water around you. So, don’t forget to carry your passion, strength and energies for this captivating watersports in Tarkarli…..a true adventure you will cherish forever. The ride does require a strong balance and a free spirit, wherein our experts take care of every single thing. All you need to do is follow the instructor’s guidelines and you are ready to be taken by the charming waves and a surreal adventure!

Jet Ski

Leave your worries and fears back at home, carry your zeal and pack your power for this truly amazing and stimulating water sport out here. This is your true test with the love you have with water, certainly. Adventure lovers hit this place each year to play along with the hypnotizing adventure offering here, only to engulf, excite and amuse you thoroughly.
Especially for the ones who love being consumed and capitulated to the challenging waves, splashing oceans and thrilling rush of the water, Jet Ski is one of the most popular adventure watersports in Tarkarli. You would be thrilled when the water of the sea splashes on your face, soothing and calming you, while you ride and indulge in this exceedingly exciting and thrilling adventure out here.
Jet Ski is indeed one of the most adventurous watersports in Maharashtra, while tourists come from all parts of the world to experience its fullness and expertise. The Tarkarli Scuba offers the finest and class leading equipment, checked for their safety and supplemented with high spec engines, that is collectively an awesome experience to offer you the much essential delight. We offer dreamlike and the most matchless watersports in Tarkarli that make sure to offer the most satisfied and classy experience of Jet Skiing out here.

Bumper Ride

The best part is that this activity does not require any prior experience and anyone who wish to enjoy the thrill of an exciting ride through the waves will find bumper ride as a perfect option. The fun seekers ride these small tube like boats that are powered by gasoline engines or electric power or can be towed by a speed boat tossing against the crashing waves. One of the best day activities in Tarkarli, bumper ride is safe and thrilling alike. These small boats that can hold one or two people offer loads of excitement for anyone who are at ease at water. Bumper ride in Tarkarliis safe for kids too. Safety jackets and instruction provided.