Parasailing in Malvan, Goa, Tarkarli

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The second-best spot to enjoy this adventure sport after Goa is Malvan in Maharashtra. This also turns out to be much cheaper than the expensive packages found in Goa. Due to this, many tourists prefer this cheaper yet equally thrilling option.

Just like scuba diving which allows the diver to enjoy the wonders of the bottom of the sea, jet-skiing gives the skier the pleasure of getting around on the water and bumper rides which are a fun activity, parasailing also gives the tourists a lot of pleasure. A lot of us have a wish to soar in the sky. To fulfill this wish, water sports operators in Malvan have started this activity.

Parasailing is an entertainment activity in which an individual is connected to a parachute and the parachute is pulled by a boat.

The parachute is designed in such a way that it can be completely and easily controlled by the boatman who is driving the boat. The person parasailing cannot control the parachute at any time.

Each individual is given five to ten minutes' time in the parasailing activity.

Keeping all the safety and precautions in mind, the individual is harnessed properly with belts and safety gear to the parachute. The speed boat is started and as it takes speed, the person that is tied to the rope and the parachute floats into the air. As the speed increases, the parachute goes higher up in the sky above the sea surface. As the speed reduces, the parachute comes down slowly. It is an unforgettable experience in one’s life.

At a time only one person can do this parasailing. In case you have a child of less than 10 years of age, both of you can enjoy parasailing on the same ride. A nominal charge is taken for this additional child riding with you.

The entire activity takes only 30 minutes to complete. Of these, only five to ten minutes are provided for being in the air. One need not know how to swim to do this activity, a safety jacket is provided for your safety. Upon completing the activity, the parachute is drawn onto the boat and landed safely on the boat itself.

There are three beaches on which this activity is done

  • Malvan beach
  • Chivla beach
  • Devbaug beach


Before doing Parasailing do a light breakfast like Ghavan, Amboli, fried eggs, omlet, boiled eggs, sandwitch. Don't make heavy breakfast. Strictly follow the instruction given trainer.

what to carry with you?

  • Cap/Hat
  • Goggle
  • Sun screen lotion
  • Set of dry cloths to change

Parasailing Price in Malvan

Parasailing Price ₹ 750


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- 5 May 2019 -

Mandar Agnihotri

"We reached at Dandi beach-you can drop down from the boat and do Parasailing, water sports- WOW we had a lot of fun doing parasailing, watersports and all!! Superb is the word..!! Must go!"

- 20 March 2018 -

Jeevan Kamat

"Ultimate should definitely try the Parasailing in Malvan...also water sports activities should not be missed here...!! "

- 7 August 2016 -

Neel Khadapkar

" Adventure is life! And to prove it absolutely right, Kiran bring us an opportunity to explore another new experience of Parasailing in Malvan. One must not miss the chance to be here and enjoy the activity like a real boss."


  • Time for Parasailing

    Morning 8.30 to 5.00 PM

  • How to book?

    Fill up this form given on same page or call us on our numbers 94044 98520 / 7798 670620

  • Alcohol/Smoking

    Drunk tourists are strictly avoided.

  • Payments

    You can confirm your seat by paying half of the total amount.

  • Don't hide anything

    Inform any disability, deseases you are suffering by to the instructors. Don't hide anything.