Full Time Scuba diving Package in Malvan, Goa, Tarkarli

  • Safety floating ring
  • Trained Guides
  • New advanced apparatus
  • Pickup/dropping by boat
  • Locker counter


Various scuba diving packages in Malvan are offered by Morya water sports. Here we are going to explore Malvan scuba package which is good choice for those who want to do scuba for more than 30 minutes.

Here Morya water sports provides a cylinder having capacity of 1 hour breathing under water. 10 to 20 minutes are taken for training then diver goes with that cylinder under water for doing scuba.

In this package diver do scuba till the cylinder become empty. Diver could do diving on various scuba points in this package.

What the package includes?

Pickup boat

Scuba points are just one km away from beach. A small fiber boat is provided by scuba operator to pick up you from pick up point - Dandeshwar Temple at Dandi beach. This Pickup and dropping service is inclusive in package.


Parking space is availaible on beach or in some private properties. It is safe to park your vehicle on beach even though you confirm with the operator about low tide and high tide timeing. Parking on beach is not chargeable

Scuba traing

Before getting down in water, An instructor gives you useful scuba instructions on boat. He teach you the breathing technique under water. He also instruct about signs for communication underwater.


A goggle with zoom lense provide by operator so no need to wear spects or lenses. A mouthner is also provided which fits in your mouth for breathing. Mouthner is connected to oxygen cylinder which is be tied to your back. Fins and weight suite is provided as per the guest request which are chargeable.

Photo & Videography

One scuba diver as a photographer comes with you underwater to click your photographs and shoot your videos. This service is inclusive in your package. You can copy your photos or videos on your memory card or pen drive. If you dont have any storage device then youo can pay for DVD and get your data in it.


Before doing Scubadiving, do a light breakfast like Ghavan, Amboli, fried eggs, omlet, boiled eggs, sandwitch. Don't make heavy breakfast. Strictly follow the instruction given trainer.

What to carry with you?

  • Cap/Hat
  • Goggle
  • Sun screen lotion
  • Set of dry cloths to change

Full time scuba diving Package Price in Malvan

Full time scuba diving Price ₹ 1000 per person


  • Time for Scuba diving

    Morning 8.30 to 3.00 PM

  • How to book?

    Fill up this form given on same page or call us on our numbers 94044 98520 / 7798 670620

  • Alcohol/Smoking

    Drunk tourists are strictly avoided.

  • Payments

    You can confirm your seat by paying half of the total amount.

  • Don't hide anything

    Inform any disability, deseases you are suffering by to the instructors. Don't hide anything.