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Scuba diving in Malvan is one of the best and cheapest scuba diving in India. Here we offer more than 5 cheap scuba diving packages in Tarkarli and Malvan.

We explore the extensive scenic beauty and incredible underwater experience at coastal belt of this tourism district- Sindhudurg, Konkan.  Konkan is a rugged terrain of the western coastline of Maharashtra, India.  It is famous for its pristine beaches. So this is becoming one of the most preferred tourist destination in India.

Located at Tarkarli – Malvan beach, Morya Scuba diving & Water Sports Group, offers you professional instructors, experienced divers, focus on safety, fast  and quality service.

If you are adventure seeker, looking for a distinct and thrill created experience , then you have searched a right place to visit in Konkan. Water sports in Malvan is a famous activity  offers you water sport packages including activities like Jet ski, Banana boat, bump ride, Speed Boat and Parasailing.


What does SCUBA mean?

SCUBA is an acronym that stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Do I need a medical checkup before I learn to dive?

As long as your are reasonably fit and have no major medical problems you should be able to dive. Please go through the Medical Statement before you register for diving. If the answer to any of the questions is a YES, you should seek advice from a diving doctor before commencing a course. If your doctor gives written consent you will be able to take up diving. We can recommend a doctor specializing in dive medicine if you need one.

What type of watersports do you provide?

Parasailing, jet skiing, banana ride, bumper ride, boat ride,kayaking. For more information please visit here.

How old do I have to be to learn to Scuba dive?

The minimum age is 10, and there is no maximum age! The whole family can share the experience as there are activities for younger children such as Snorkeling or PADI Bubblemakers.

Is scuba diving dangerous?

No, but there are potential hazards, which is why you need proper training and certification.

Can I scuba dive if I’m diabetic?

With approval from your doctor, you can dive with diabetes, with some qualifications.


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