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We welcome you to explore the extensive and incredible experience in order to get a glimpse of the mysterious and entrancing Scuba diving in India as well as water sports in Malvan here at Morya Underwater Sports Group. If you are amongst the adventurous one, looking for a distinct and unrivaled experience while Scuba diving in Malvan, then you have reached the best and the most pertinent place.

Malvan Scuba has been known and is extremely popular for providing you an adrenaline rush experience. It offers a one of a kind underwater experience so engaging that you would get to forget about the mad and rushing, noisy city life.

The various watersports in Malvan, right here at Morya Underwater Sports Group would engulf you in its serenity and enthrall. Get socked in a rich and classy experience, right underneath the blue sky and dip into the richness of the marine life that is soothing and so very relaxing that would certainly make you feel amazing and relaxed, amidst the surreal aquatic life.